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Guide to Graduate Studies


The following information will assist you, the graduate student, in meeting University and School of Music requirements for the various curricula leading to Master's degrees. For more information, see the Graduate Catalog.

Remember that you, the graduate student, are responsible for knowledge of and meeting all deadlines, as well as completing the appropriate curricula. You, not your advisor, bear the ultimate responsibility for selecting courses, meeting course prerequisites, and adhering to university policies and procedures.

Because deadline dates change from semester to semester, you should also consult the Graduate School website.

Graduate Information

Graduate Degrees, Programs, and Curricula

Administration of the Graduate Program

Information for Incoming Students

General Information for Current Students


Applied music

Accompanying Policy

Recital Scheduling

Health and Wellness

Information on Graduation Requirements

Graduate Forms

Graduate Advising Packet

Rotation of Courses

Student Organizations

Student News

Other Resources of Interest

School of Music Graduate Handbook

Area Handbooks

Graduate Catalog
This publication includes official University statements on requirements for admission, registration, grades, graduation, curricula, course descriptions, and other important information.

This is the official Handbook for UT students, covering information on general campus policies and procedures, standards of conduct, academic policies and procedures, and information about student support, services, and organizations.

The Semester Schedule of Classes
This on-line publication contains the schedule of courses to be offered and detailed procedures for registration.


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