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School of Music Board of Advisors

The School of Music Board of Advisors, a group of community volunteers who offer a community arts perspective to the school, and assist in development initiatives.

The current members of the Board of Advisors are:

Mark Hill (2014-17), Chairperson

Jan Bechtel (2013-16)

Edmund L. Bolt (2013-16)

Martha Breazeale (2013-16) 

Mary F. Cushman (2013-16)

Phylis Driver (2012-15)

Jack Fellers (2013-16)

Charles Goan (2014-17)

Johnny Johnson (2014-17)

Randy Kerns (2016-2019)

Glo Klarich (2013-16)

Brenda Maupin (2013-16)

Fuad Mishu (2013-16)

Janice Mitchell (2014-17)

Judy Morman (2013-16) 

Joanne Mounger (2012-15)

John Neal (2013-16) 

Joyce Simms  (2014-17)

Nancy B. Stanley-Riser (2012-15)

Theresa Stone (2013-16)

Jane Tolhurst (2014-17)

Karen White  (2014-17) 

Jeffrey Pappas, Director, School of Music

Irene Carney, Secretary for the Board of Advisors

Chris Cox, Director, Arts and Sciences Development

Landin Fleres, Communications Coordinator

David Northington, Professor, School of Music Faculty Representative


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